Top 10 US-Based Search Engine Optimization Firms in 2016

2016 was a big year for the Internet and businesses who capture traffic online. This year we are listing our favorite digital marketing firms from around the United States. These are some of the most well known, as well as some of the upcoming marketing groups. Keep an eye on 2017 because these will be the agencies that duke it out for the businesses interested in grabbing more search traffic.

  1. Distilled – The company who created the SearchLove conferences, and the creator of the DistilledU training platform. These people are definitely experts in their trade. Locations: London, UK – New York City, NY – Seattle, WA
  2. InBusiness Inc – This agency has been around for almost a decade and is now serving clients. What makes it unique is the fact that they serve clients and also their own businesses using the same methods. Locations: Missoula, Montana – Winterpark, Florida
  3. Stone Temple – Full service agency who works with a number of Fortune 100 companies. Locations: Framingham, MA
  4. Portent Inc – Another agency, but with over 20-years experience with B2B and B2C. Locations: Seattle, WA
  5. Kick Point – Probably one of the most well-known digital agencies in Canada. Included in this list because of how much they seem to be working here in the US. Locations: Edmonton, AB
  6. MobileMoxie – A group who also specializes in App Store SEO (ASO). Locations: Denver, CO
  7. Miriam Ellis – One of the top small business consultants located in one of the hottest tech hot beds in the world. Locations: San Francisco Bay Area, CA
  8. Seer – Perhaps the most conversion-centric group, focused on “audiences over algorithms”. A great option if you’re wanting an in-depth approach to your search marketing. Locations: San Diego, CA – Philadelphia, Pa
  9. 97th Floor – Reputable agency who has worked with Salesforce, Adobe, Dell, and Citrix. Locations: Salt Lake City, UT – Orange County, CA
  10. Verve Search – An agency solely focused on search marketing. Locations: London, UK

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