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Why Are My Hands Shaking for No Reason

Is your shaking happening and it seems to be for no reason? You’re not alone. Millions upon millions of Americans are experiencing symptoms that they describe as shaking or tremors. The condition is generally summed up as Essential Tremor and unfortunately not much is known about it yet.

If you’ve seen a doctor or another medical professional, then you might have been left with more questions than answers. The lack of understanding of tremors in the mainstream medical practice is apparent once you go through the process. In fact, many people with shaking talk about stories of seeing doctors over the course of years. No resolution. No precise diagnosis, but many conditions are crossed off. And it’s amazing that any person who enters into this system ever finds their way out and into something else I will mention – possibly the most effective solution available right now.

Many people shy away from hard medications and for good reason. After all, do you want to inject or eat a cocktail of meds for anything? Sure, there are some conditions which will require them, but I personally avoid them. If you read the label and the dangers of any of the stop shaking meds out there, you’ll find two things. One is that none of them are designed specifically for tremors. They’re actually designed for other conditions! The other thing you’ll figure out is that each of them comes with side effects which are worse than the shaking to begin with.

Where does this lead most people?

Natural, herbal remedies. This has been a big movement in the last few decades. More so in the last 5 years. Call it what you will, I call it people putting much more care into what they’re putting in their bodies. And if you apply the same reasoning to stopping your shaking, you’ll see that there are herbs which can greatly diminish tremors. One of these herbs is Scullcap.

One word of warning with this herb is avoiding what most people are doing. That is hearing me mention a specific herb and then going out and getting a supplement. What you’re actually better off doing, is getting a mixture of herbs which is designed for tremors. I’ll talk more about the ones I know of next time.